Team Spirit
Celebrate together.

Celebrate your achivements together. Easy and with joy.

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Human first

Team Spirit is built to improve your working experience. We won't add any features that could have a negative impact on anybody's working experience.

Data-Privacy matters

We can't read your chat messages, seriously! We care deeply about data-privacy, so we don't require chat:read permissions in Slack. This is not a limitation, this should be the case for almost all Slack Apps. We also auto-delete all data that was sent to us directly.

Security matters

We take extra effort to ensure the highest possible level of security. One example is encrypting all access token, which almost no other slack app does.

Celebrate your achievements together.
Team Spirit meets Slack

Team spirit allows your team to celebrate big and small achievements effortless in Slack. Recognizing your colleagures work, is as easy as typing "/cheer" in Slack.


A joyful working environment

Having fun together

Better team culture

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Fair, simple pricing for all.

We are currently running our Early-Access program which is free for everybody. All app installations will stay free of charge, even after launching new plans.

Early access


Unlimited total users

Unlimited cheers per user

Unlimited alias requests per user

All data encrypted

Automatic deletion of old data (6 months)

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SMB / Enterprise

We are currently in exclusive early-access. We are going to launch our paid plans for enterprises around summer 2024. Install our app now, and your account will stay free forever.

Coming soon

Can Team Spirit read all chat messages?

No. Due to our minimal Slack permissions, we can only read messages directed at us via DM or @-mention


Will prices change in the future?

We will never change the price of existing installations. If you install it for free, it will stay free.


How secure is it?

As secure as possible. We cut features to make privacy and security our primary concern. We encrypt all tokens and store them in vaults.


Is anybody going to use it?

Yes. Adoption is always hard, but we are currently in contact with multiple HR departments and they are all seeing adoption and a positive impact.

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Let's celebrate your achievements without worrying about your private data and security.

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Not sure exactly what we’re looking for or just want clarification? We’d be happy to chat with you and clear things up for you.

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